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Astrid Meier Coaching Zurich

I'm  Astrid, breathwork therapist, somatic trauma transformation practitioner, energy healer & psychologist.

Hey, I'm Astrid!


Hey, beautiful


At Cura Breathwork® I combine ancient healing methods with modern psychology and spirituality. I follow an integrated approach to therapy and coaching that considers body, mind and spirit as one.

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Breathwork and Coaching with Astrid

"I'm willing to explore the deepest corners of my psyche, as I know I can only take my clients as deep as I can take myself."

My Story


For a long time, I felt completly disconnected from my true self. I felt hunted by my past and that I was living the same patterns over and over again. 

I knew that if I wanted to stop letting my past define me and finally be happy, I had to radically change my life and take responsibility for it. 


My own healing journey, as well as my boundless interest in the human psyche and spirituality, made me spare no time, effort and energy for more than a decade to learn the most powerful tools, methods and practices of personal development, psychology and spirituality. 


I studied and worked with the best mentors, shamans and therapists from around the world to explore the deepest corners of the psyche. 


Now, several years later, I have cracked the code. 


I have gathered the most effective tools and methods I have learned that have helped me heal my traumas, love myself unconditionally, embrace my authenticity and all that makes me ME.


I have learned how to create a life that I love and that is 100% in alignment with my soul and my purpose. 


And I wish the same for you! 


Because I now know that it is possible.


It is my honor to guide and support you in your healing and awakening!

Astrid Meier

Get to Know Me

Shamanic Breathwork Schweiz

"Within each wound lies a gem of healing wisdom that you receive the moment you heal that wound and alchemize it."

Breathwork Schweiz

Acquiered Expertise

  • MSc in Psychology (University of Zurich, Switzerland)

  • Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitator (Aya Healing Retreats, Peru - in Education)

  • Somatic Trauma Transformation Practitioner, The Triple Vagal Method® (TVM™)  (Integrated Somatic Institute, USA)

  • Certified Transformation Coach (Soul Sense Institute Zurich, Switzerland)

  • Breathwork multi-style Facilitator (Samma Karuna School of Awakening & Healing, Thailand)

  • Awakening Breathwork Facilitator (Samma Karuna School of Awakening & Healing, Thailand) 

  • Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner (The Yoga Barn, Bali)

  • 200h Hatha Yoga Teacher (Shiva Shakti Yoga, Goa, Indien)

Let's Work Together

The perfect match

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