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Fr., 30. Sept.


Yoga in a Bag

Shamanic Breathwork Journey

Join Astrid for a powerful evening of breathing, healing & breakthrough! This 2.5h workshop offers you a great opportunity to release stress, fears and blocks and gain clarity about your life. People often compare a breathwork session to a potent dose of medicine, therapy and energy healing in one.

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Shamanic Breathwork Journey
Shamanic Breathwork Journey

Zeit & Ort

30. Sept. 2022, 19:30

Yoga in a Bag, Hohlstrasse 481, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland

Über die Ceremony

Through Breathwork we open a portal to our subconscious. Your breath takes you to the deep hidden places within yourself and shines a light on what you most want to hide, deny, or can’t yet see: your distortions, wounding, fears, blockages, power and authenticity, and how these are expressed in the world.

Everything you need to be the person you want to be is already inside of you. Your breath can help accessing it and stripping away the layers of suffering, struggle, anxiety and self-doubt.

This breathwork journey is for you to

● release trauma, wounds, limitations, blockages and emotional pain

● reduce stress, insecurities, and fears

● purify your anger and rage, grief and heartache

● break free from what’s holding you back

● reclaim lost parts of self, reclaim your power, unlock soul gifts

● transform your life from the inside out

● gain more inner peace and serenity

● feel more self trust, confidence and self worthiness

● connect with your higher-self increase your creativity

● gain insight and clarity in certain areas of your life

What to expect in this Ceremony

✨ Energy Cleansing

✨ Opening Circle with a Short Meditation

✨ Intention Setting Ritual

✨ Shamanic Breathwork Session (1h)

✨ Integration Sound Healing

✨ Sharing + Closing Circle

Are you ready to reclaim your authentic self, and move beyond what has kept you small in the past? Secure your spot now, as spaces are limited.

Price: 1 Workshop: 90.- CHF / Pass of 3: 235.- CHF (- 15%)

Get your Ticket here:

Contraindications to participating in a breathwork workshop include

● Epilepsy other seizure disorders

● Advanced pregnancy

● Detached Retina

● Glaucoma

● High Blood Pressure that is not controlled with medication

● Cardiovascular Disease including but not limited to prior heart attack

● History of Aneurysms in immediate family

● Strokes, TIAs, seizures or other brain/neurological condition or disease

● psychoses or other severe mental disorders

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