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Other Ways to Work with Me!


One of my biggest love affairs is music. I was a professional international DJ for over 10 years. Today I mainly play for Ecstatic Dances, Spiritual Events, Yoga Classes and similar. 

Through my specially curated playlists and the use of crystal bowls and other instruments, I create a constantly changing universe of sound to fit the goals and needs of the event.

Sound Journeys

I love creating magic moments with my healing crystal bowls and other instruments.  

Somatic Trauma Healing Bodywork

The Triple Vagal Method® is an embodiment-based somatic trauma healing & transformation therapy focused on addressing trauma through a holistic bottom-up approach to neuroscience. A deeply healing bodywork experience.


The basis of my teaching is a flowing Hatha Yoga, which I creatively combine with different yoga styles. Supported by specially curated music and the use of essential oils, I create a harmonious vibrating connection between body and mind, which touches the soul. 

Reiki Energy Healing

An extremely effective healing session, promoting overall wellness. Through the energy transfer, the body is able to restore balance across all systems of the mind, body, and spirit.


Conscious Work with Companies

I offer different modalities for mindful companies to build stress-free, creative, and happy work environments.

​​Get in touch and tell me about your ideas on how to work together!

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