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Breathwork - The power of your breath

How to heal yourself with Breathwork

The breath is a simple but highly effective self-healing tool that we can use to make a positive impact on our lives. Very few of us consciously think about the breath. We breathe automatically. Just as the blinking of the eyes, swallowing, heartbeat or digestion happens and is controlled automatically, the breath is also controlled by our autonomic nervous system. However, we can consciously influence the breath and thereby change our lives. Not only because our emotions can be changed through the breath, but because the breath can have a much deeper effect and with Breathwork, for example, trauma can be healed or depression can be reduced.

Was ist Shamanic Breathwork?

Find the way back to yourself through breathing

Breathwork is work with breath. Basically, any form of breathing in which the breath is consciously controlled and directed is breathwork.

Most people know Breathwork from yoga, where the breath is used very consciously and movement and breathing are combined. These are the so-called pranayamas, different breathing techniques, each of which has a different effect. There are pranayamas that calm or help against stress. There are pranayamas to increase concentration and gain energy and others to detoxify. The form of Breathwork used at Cura Breathwork, the shamanic Breathwork, goes one step further.

For whom is Shamanic Breathwork recommended?

What can you expect in a Breathwork Session?


What is Shamanic Breathwork?

Shamanic Breathwork is a special kind of breathing technique to naturally reach altered states of consciousness and connect you with the universe. The breathing technique, combined with music brings you into a deep meditative, trance-like state that allows you to look at and change deep-seated areas within you that are otherwise difficult to access.

For thousands of years, shamans have used breathing techniques to expand their consciousness and strengthen their health and well-being. The breath is the medicine! In a shamanic Breathwork session, you open the door to your subconscious mind and can gain deep insights and realizations, as well as experience profound healing on different levels. The breath works on the physical, psychological, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of your being. Shamanic Breathwork has endless benefits, including releasing subconscious or repressed emotional baggage that is the cause of so much of our pain and suffering. You can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, access subconscious programming, gain new inspiration, release mental and energetic blocks, or strengthen your intuition and creativity.

For whom is Shamanic Breathwork recommended?

Shamanic Breathwork is suitable for all those who are ready to look deep inside themselves and discover their true nature. If you are a healthy person who can handle a workout in the gym, this breathing technique is completely safe. There are a few contraindications to shamanic Breathwork that you should be sure to read about before your first session.

For example, if you.

● suffer from heart disease

● recently had surgery

● Suffered from aneuyrisms or strokes; or

● Suffer from psychosis

then shamanic Breathwork is rather not for you, but otherwise nothing stands in the way of your journey to self-healing!

Wie du dich mit Breathwork selber heilen kannst

What can you expect in a Breathwork Session?

The "formal" flow of a session is usually always the same. The experiences you will have, however, are individual and different in each Breathwork Session. A Breathwork Session is also called a Breathwork Journey, because it is truly a journey into the depths of your being.

In a 1:1 session we start with a preliminary talk where you tell me your situation and what you want from our session. In the "Deep Dive Sessions" (in which I accompany you over several months with coaching and healing, we have an intensive coaching conversation before the Breathwork). Afterwards you lie down with your back on a mat and can relax while I cleanse the energies with Palo Santo or white sage. I then accompany you, as your personal facilitator, through the entire session. During the session I support your process with bodywork, with the so-called Triple Vagal Method and with Energy Healing. In the course of the Breathwork Journey you can have a wide variety of experiences. Each Breathwork Journey is completely different. So you will never have the same experience twice.

With the help of the breath and supporting music, as well as the shamanic drum, you enter a deep trance-like state. You will enter an altered state of consciousness where your inner intelligence can take the wheel and your rational mind will be bypassed. This will allow you to peacefully shed old patterns, programs and vices and truly transform yourself.

After breathing, you may let yourself fall into an integrative sound bath, which is especially intensely perceived in this state of consciousness and gently brings you back to the here and now. We end the session afterwards with a sharing so that I can support you in integrating your experiences.

During the "Deep Dive Coaching + Healing Sessions" you will then be given tasks to do at home until our next session to integrate and deepen our session.

Was passiert bei einer Shamanic Breathwork Session?

What else can happen to you during shamanic breathwork?

The body reacts very differently to intensive breathing. The reactions are completely automatic and can take the form of twitching, cramps, pain, trembling or coughing. All this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Such phenomena can be part of your personal healing process.

On the emotional level, it is perfectly normal to experience the full range of human emotions. From sadness and anger, to deep happiness and contentment. Here, "Feeling is Healing." No matter what you may go through in a session, in the end it leads to healing, transformation and expansion.

On the spiritual level, you connect deeply with your higher self - the part of you that is free of conditioning, programs, trauma, pain and all that you have accumulated throughout your life. In this way you can see Shamanic Breathwork as a kind of bridge between you and your higher-self, a tool that helps you to find more of yourself again and to become aware of your strengths and uniqueness. You can feel who you really are deep inside.

If you want to try Breathwork yourself, try the free Breathwork Session on my website, which helps you to connect with your Higher Self and to strengthen your intuition.

xx Astrid

Shamanic Breathwork online und in Zürich
Cura Breathwork offers Shamanic Breathwork Sessions online and live in Zürich.


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